Founding team

Dr. MB Dr. Marc Banaszak on Xing Dr. Marc Banaszak on LinkedIn Dr. Marc Banaszak on ResearchGate

Dr. Marc Banaszak - Founding Partner

Dr. Marc Banaszak began his career as an entrepreneur during his university education in Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands. Over the last 17 years he has been engaged in consulting for numerous projects in management, engineering and the start-up process. As an expert in marketing, knowledge management and financing, he has accompanied numerous ventures on their growth and financing path. Marc is a listed coach for programs of the KfW-Bank and is experienced in working with partners from all over Europe. Alongside his executive position in consulting, he is conducting research in the field of industrial knowledge transfer.
Dr. Marc Banaszak holds a PhD in management and economics.

Mr. ER Mr. Eduard Rose on LinkedIn

Mr. Eduard Rose - Founding Partner

Eduard Rose is a proven expert in analog signal integrated circuit design. He started designing chips and ASICs for ultra high speed applications in telecommunications back in 1998. During his career he gathered experience with numerous global players, i.e. Siemens, Lucent Technologies, CoreOptics, Ranovus, and CISCO. He is a specialist for risk assessment, error analysis, and system testing. Furthermore he is a mathematics and algorithm maven.
Eduard Rose holds a university diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. US Dr. Ulrich Scheipers on Xing Dr. Ulrich Scheipers on LinkedIn Dr. Ulrich Scheipers on ResearchGate

Dr. Ulrich Scheipers - Founding Partner, Managing Partner

Dr. Ulrich Scheipers looks back at 18 successful years in the medical devices market where he drove medical products from early research through prototyping, clinical studies, certification and commercialization. He has worked on three different continents and with international teams recruiting their members from more than 12 countries and with many of the worlds leading companies in the medical industry. His current focus is on business strategy, business development and Mergers & Acquisitions. With numerous publications and editorial functions he is also considered an opinion leader in medical research.
Dr. Ulrich Scheipers holds a PhD from Ruhr-Universität Bochum where he studied Electrical Engineering.

Dr. DZ Dr. Dirk Zander on Xing Dr. Dirk Zander on LinkedIn

Dr. Dirk Zander - Founding Partner

Dr. Dirk Zander has accumulated work and academic experience in various fields of engineering. After first being trained as industrial mechanic, he studied mechanical engineering at the University of Essen, specializing in automation and mechatronic systems. Later on he worked in the field of medical engineering, where he designed and developed control systems for the automated production of radioactive contrast agents in positron emissions tomography (PET). He founded the company DSV-Tech, working in the areas of design, simulation and development of smart components for flight tests. Later, he became project manager at Aerotech Hamburg for Airbus. Between 2009 and 2015 he has been project manager at the largest German research institute for steel, one of Europe's leading private-sector institutes for applied research and development in the field of steel technology. Since 2015 he is also managing partner of Asinco GmbH, one of our partner companies.
Dr. Dirk Zander holds a PhD in the field of passenger plane design, more specifically in the verification and validation of technical complex hybrid systems.